New Tiled Roofing

Installation of clay and concrete products.

We assess every job from our survey for the best fit of tile to your property and the aesthetics of the surrounding area.

10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee
Product Manufacturers Warranty
Fitted to British Standards

Slate Roofing

Reclaimed or new slate for existing and new properties.

From your initial site survey, we will recommend the appropriate slate product for your property.
Re-slating works will be calculated for reclaimed products where the existing cannot be used creating a seamless finish.
Installation of a new slate is consulted based on the design stage. With a variety of slate to choose from around the world, we will consult you fully on the best product for your property.

Hard Wearing and Natural Material
10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantees
NVQ Trained and Qualified Trade Installers

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Flat Roofing

Wide range of modern systems available.

Flat roofs can be a detailed construction with new products being released regularly. Flat roofs can be used as walkways and balconies or simply as a watertight covering. Whatever the use we can provide you with a suitable product recommendation for its desired use and a guaranteed installation. We offer a range of durable products such as EPDM Rubber, Liquid Plastics and GRP Fibreglass, cold applied to eliminate the use of a flammable flame.

Manufacturers Product Guarantees
Hot and Cold Ventilation Constructions
Approved Manufacturers Installer

Repairs and Maintenance

The solution to leaks where the covering is still in good condition.

Your roof can look in good condition until one day a leak occurs, strong winds cause storm damage or it’s simply some maintenance to keep it in good shape structurally or aesthetically. We offer repairs and maintenance to a wide range of materials that may be installed on your roof. If a lasting repair isn’t viable we can then offer a survey for further works.

Swift Service
24/7 Emergency Callout
Honest Feedback

“Experienced Crew”

Very impressed. They left me with considerable knowledge of our new renovated rooms.

Carolyn Wintner


“Excellent work”

Not only were they the most thorough with the initial inspection, they also had the best price offer.

Michael Doe

Phoenix, AZ

“Highly recommend”

They generated a quote promptly; and their availability was great. Heck, they even gave us a lil’ discount.

Catherine Jane


“Very Knowledgeable”

They performed the most comprehensive inspection, and had the most knowledgeable handyman.

Sue Jones



Installation or repair of Fascia, Gutter, Soffit and Dry Fit Systems.

Your roofline is the finishing trim to your roof, if this is damaged or broken your roof could be open to leaks causing damp or could allow access to birds and vermin. We can repair or renew your roofline, with new uPVC installations coming with a Purple Roofing guarantee as well as up to 20 years product warranty from the manufacturer. We offer a range of style and colours which are available to view during a survey.

Minimal Maintenance Products
Range of Colours and Styles
Freefoam Approved Installer

Stone & Heritage

Traditional stone slate and heritage roofing styles.

Traditional Yorkshire stone slate or “Greys” were used on mills and cottages around northern England and are still a popular roof covering due to their strength, durability and stunning appearance. We can strip and relay these slate using reclaimed for any breakage to maintain the original appearance with the peace of mind of a new installation. Some areas demand conservation of your roof covering, we can help discuss the options available for your stone roof including repairs.

Aesthetically Stunning
Environmentally Sustainable Material
Traditionally Hardwearing


Our federation and accreditation subscriptions constantly asses us ensuring we are consistently offering you the industry recognised level of service.


We have all the relevant accreditation schemes in place to show we use best installation practices and health & safety procedures.


Our recommendations and project portfolios from previous and existing customers speak volumes of our service.

Drone Services

CAA Certified Operators

Drone imagery removes the hazards of working at height, while still giving you a full picture of your roof condition. Drones are also incredibly useful to inspect high building without ladder access. Our CAA certified operator will take a risk assessment of the surroundings and capture any images and videos you need, while we also offer this content to be put into a full report of your roof condition by a qualified roofer.

A2 CofC Qualified Operators
4K Video and Images
Full Roof Reports

Surveying and Consultation

Roof surveys and consultation reports on the condition of your roof.

We provide a thorough survey service which when carried out will provide you with an in-depth report of the condition of your roof supported with analysis from a qualified professional with pictures and videos. Our full survey offers impartial advice and recommendations allowing you to make informed decisions.

Intrusive Inspections
Thorough Written Report Provided
Reliable Feedback Supported with Evidence

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