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After a call out to a property that had damage to the verge, our reactive maintenance was put into place. We attended to the client’s property at our earliest convenience and made sure that the roof was safe. In this instance, the mortar from the verge had come loose and could possibly fall onto the driveway area where the homeowners park their car. Upon attendance, we removed the unsafe mortar for them and provided a quotation to repair the damage.


I had chunks of mortar dangling precariously from the roof verge, and in danger of landing on my car. They came out straight away and made them safe. Then came back at the agreed time to complete a full repair. Great job done, thanks from a very happy customer.



We returned to take out the affected area, install a new soffit strip and bedded the loose tiles back with fresh mortar. After pointing up the area the client was left with a tidy repair with peace of mind that the damage was now resolved. The customer could now use the driveway again as well as being in the sound knowledge that tiles were secure and the gap sealed from the threat of birds nesting.


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