Roof WindowsGlass pane skylight replacement

About This Project

This past client had called with the interest in removing the old glass pane that was acting as a roof window to be replaced with a modern Velux fitting. After a consultation and quotation the client chose to have a small Velux window put in place of the old glass pane. Offering a more secure method of getting light into theĀ  loft space which was used for storage.

We sourced the correct sized window, of the clients choosing and removed the old glass, cutting gout the exiting timber and making good for the new sized window. All ensuring that it was structurally sound. The window was fixed in place and the existing slate cut around the new window.

The customer was left with a new roof window which they we’re very pleased with the amount of extra light it added to the loft and the peace of mind that the area was now securely in place rather than the old glass pane which was held in place with old lead straps.


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Sean Kelly
Wibsey, Bradford
Roof Covering:
Slate / Velux

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