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About This Project

Tendered for local authorities in Leeds, The Purple Roofing Company was selected to complete the recovering works on this primary school in Armley. The specification was to renew the fibre cement slate and recover with air-permeable underlay, new batten and a suitable replacement covering and the old blown roof windows to be replaced.

After consultation with the architect and headteacher, the chosen covering was a thin edge interlocking tile. These kept the cost down of a full replacement of fibre-cement slate. While caution for the extra weight implication of the change of material these tiles was chosen due to the reduced weight of the 40% reduction of thickness. As well as the weight factor for the thinner tiles, these would also give more of an impression of a slate effect reducing the visual difference on the covering replacement.
Northstone Causways in Black were the tile of choice after consultation of availability with our roofing merchant. Northstone is a supplier of a range of building materials, manufacturing since 1964 supplying tiles to the latest European standard BS EN 490. Northstone were chosen with the peace of mind their tiles would match our own standards.

Velux was chosen for the roof window replacement due to its excellent standing within the roofing sector. Velux is the market leader in roof window construction for more than 70 years. The windows were measured with a like for like replacement chosen from their range of white painted centre pivoted windows.

The project was completed over a 3 week period during the summer break to avoid disruption with health and safety requirements. During a difficult period in a worldwide pandemic, extra COVID-19 measures were in place during the completion of the project.
This project also saw the hire of an apprentice within the company which provided valuable experience of working on a project within a school with the added precautions taken on this type of work, safe disposal of waste, with roofing backgrounds such as underlay and batten, installation of interlocking roof tiles and mechanically fixed ridge systems. The Purple Roofing Company is committed to continuous training of our current staff to sharpen their skillsets but also invest in new talent, the future of roofing.

Delivered on time, the clients were extremely pleased with the scheduling, professionalism and workmanship we provided.



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About This Project

This past client had called with the interest in removing the old glass pane that was acting as a roof window to be replaced with a modern Velux fitting. After a consultation and quotation the client chose to have a small Velux window put in place of the old glass pane. Offering a more secure method of getting light into theĀ  loft space which was used for storage.

We sourced the correct sized window, of the clients choosing and removed the old glass, cutting gout the exiting timber and making good for the new sized window. All ensuring that it was structurally sound. The window was fixed in place and the existing slate cut around the new window.

The customer was left with a new roof window which they we’re very pleased with the amount of extra light it added to the loft and the peace of mind that the area was now securely in place rather than the old glass pane which was held in place with old lead straps.


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